Friday, June 22, 2012

Sewing machine for a disabled person

Through a reference, we know a man in Hyderabad who works on daily wages and has 3 daughters. He works in a schoolbag factory and gets daily wages. He is now suffering from a pain related to feet, called arq un nisa due to which he has difficulty in walking and can not work. We are arranging to get 2 sewing machines for him and his wife so they could earn their bread and butter. In addition, due to his illness, he now has loan of about 30 thousand rupees over him. It is therefore requested to make donations for the welfare of this individual and his family. May Allah reward you abundantly. Thank you.

Those interested to donate can contact me at 0322 500 1638, or at my email


  1. Rs. 5000 pledge received by Mr. Hashmi

  2. We have raised the necessary funds for this project. Collections for this project are now stopped. Kindly look at my other projects for your contributions. Thanks.